The Democratic Club of Ocean City/Berlin (DCOCB) is the oldest of the three Democratic Clubs in Worcester County. lt began as the Assateague Democratic Club, changed its name to the Ocean City/Assateague Democratic Club and in 2013 changed its name to Democratic Club of Ocean City/Berlin. Our Mission Statement

The service area of DCOCB is Ocean City, West Ocean City, Assateague, South Point and Berlin. Membership is open to any registered Democrat in Worcester County.

The club normally holds three meetings a year: a spring meeting, our annual summer picnic, and a fall meeting. In addition, we support the meetings of the other clubs and the Central Committee. Coordinated efforts between the other clubs and the Central Committee include:

  • The annual St. Patrick's Day Parade in Ocean City

  • The annual Kennedy-King Dinner

  • The annual Capture-the-Flag Party

  • The Labor Day Democratic Picnic

  • The Annual Holiday Dinner

The club also publishes a monthly e-newsletter - Democratic Wonderings -subscribe today!