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June 2016 Newsletter Posted!

posted Jun 12, 2016, 4:57 PM by DCOCB Staff
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We note that our Central Committee has opened a election and training center for the 2016 election.
We highlight our July picnic, please make a reservation.
The republicans, their leadership and now candidate for president provide more grist for the mill than space will allow.  As always we try to provide our readers information that make them want to vote, get their neighbors to vote and to counter crazy stuff that the mistaken population believe about trump.
We give you of the Worcester County School System.  The county commissioners are not doing their job in funding the system.  And the Tea Party aka Republican Party are trying to pack the school board with arch rivals.
It amazes me that trump, who obviously has a mental problem and does not know what the truth is.
As always we are free for feedback and views and opinions.  Just remember that we need to get out the vote or this country of ours will go to hell under Republican domination and trump.